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Oregon’s Kitchen Table creates public engagement opportunities to allow Oregonians to weigh in on policy questions posed by elected officials and public managers. Oregon’s Kitchen Table has been used at the state, local and regional levels to gather feedback from a wide variety of Oregonians on a range of topics, including state budgeting priorities, county budgeting, kindergarten readiness, school boundaries, regional economic development priorities, and values and beliefs.

Current Community Engagement Opportunities:

May - June 2022 (for resident of Clatsop County)

Clatsop County is updating its Comprehensive Plan.  This plan guides the decisions that the County makes about development in rural areas. As the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners gets ready to review recommendations and guidelines for updating the Comprehensive Plan, they want to hear from you! Here are opportunities to share what you think with Clatsop County.

May-June 2022 (for residents of the City of Hillsboro)

The 2020 Census tells us that the number of people who live in the City of Hillsboro's three City Councilor Wards has changed.  Now the boundaries for the Wards need to be redrawn.  Later this spring, residents of Hillsboro can share what matters most to you about City Councilor Wards.  You will also have a chance to give input to the City to help make easier for you and others to get information from the City in different languages. Here are opportunities to share what you think with the City of Hillsboro.

View results from past consultations.