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Oregon’s Kitchen Table creates public consultations to allow Oregonians to weigh in on policy questions posed by elected officials and public managers. Oregon’s Kitchen Table has been used at the state, local and regional levels to gather feedback from a wide variety of Oregonians on a range of topics, including state budgeting priorities, county budgeting, kindergarten readiness, school boundaries, regional economic development priorities, and values and beliefs.

Current Consultation

The state of Oregon has a new program to make sure people have ways to get rid of their family's unwanted medicines safely.  The program gives people places to turn in unwanted medicines rather than throw them away or flush them. This program is called the Drug Take Back Program.  And now it's time for you to share what would make it easier for you to participate.

Through this program, people in Oregon can return medicines that are expired or that they no longer want safely by:

  • Leaving them at drop-off sites
  • Picking up mail-back packets, or
  • Asking for envelopes be sent mailed directly to you that are prepaid and addressed to turn in their medicines by mail 

MED-Project USA - a non-profit group that offers ways for people to turn in medicines that are expired or they no longer want - is working with the state to make sure that drop-off sites and other ways of turning in medicines are easy for communities around Oregon.  The state's new law wants to make sure this program serves "minority, lower-income, rural and other historically underserved communities."

And now MED-Project wants to hear from Oregonians as it sets up its services for collecting unwanted medicines. 

Oregon's Kitchen Table is gathering input this spring through listening sessions and small group and individual interviews.  You can also share your thoughts about safely getting rid of your medicines online through OKT.  

Please fill out this short survey if you live in Oregon. You and others can fill it out until June 18, 2021. Please invite your friends, neighbors, and family to fill out the survey, too.  The survey is also available in multiple languages.

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