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Current Consultations

Oregon’s Kitchen Table creates public consultations to allow Oregonians to weigh in on policy questions posed by elected officials and public managers. Oregon’s Kitchen Table has been used at the state, local and regional levels to gather feedback from a wide variety of Oregonians on a range of topics, including state budgeting priorities, county budgeting, kindergarten readiness, school boundaries, regional economic development priorities, and values and beliefs.

Gilliam County Housing Opportunities

Like many communities in Oregon and around the country, Gilliam County is suffering from a lack of housing for people already living here as well as people who want to move into the community to work and raise their family.  Recently, a group of community members from Arlington and Condon created a collaborative workgroup to help create strategies to improve housing options in Gilliam County. That workgroup wants to hear from you about your values and priorities regarding housing in the county. We want to hear from current Gilliam County residents as well as others who own property in Gilliam County, who work in Gilliam County, and those who would consider moving to Gilliam County if they could make it work for themselves and their family.

If you live in Gilliam, own property in Gilliam, work in Gilliam, or would consider moving to Gilliam - share your thoughts on housing in the county on Oregon's Kitchen Table from June 14 - July 14.

John Day Future Vision

Like many communities in Oregon and around the country, John Day is considering its economic future. Recently, a team of community leaders came together to consider possible strategies to help make John Day and all of Grant County as economically strong and vibrant as possible. As part of that process, the team is considering a number of ideas to strengthen and diversify the economy.  They want to hear from you about your values and priorities!

Today, John Day is considering how to create a vision for the future that both supports the traditional economy and creates opportunities for Grant County residents to innovate and expand into new economic frontiers. The community leaders working on this project imagine a future in which Grant County residents create lasting prosperity for their families and community by both respecting tradition and taking advantage of future opportunities in new and emerging markets.

But, reaching that vision will take everyone. So, we need to hear from you on Oregon's Kitchen Table! The consultation will run until June 23.

Photo: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

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