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Current Consultations

Oregon’s Kitchen Table creates public consultations to allow Oregonians to weigh in on policy questions posed by elected officials and public managers. Oregon’s Kitchen Table has been used at the state, local and regional levels to gather feedback from a wide variety of Oregonians on a range of topics, including state budgeting priorities, county budgeting, kindergarten readiness, school boundaries, regional economic development priorities, and values and beliefs.

multiple screens of an online video conference with people's faces

(The Oregon Citizen Assembly hears from Oregon State Senator Jeff Golden)

Oregon Citizen Assembly on COVID19

This summer we are engaged in an important democratic experiment with our friends at Healthy Democracy: Oregon’s first Citizen Assembly. A Citizens' Assembly is a group of 40 ordinary people with different backgrounds. They discuss public issues and then recommend future policy. They were selected randomly and the group is balanced to match the communities that make up Oregon.

The Oregon Citizen Assembly is discussing the state’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. After their first two meetings (you can watch portions here), they decided to focus on K-12 Education and Rent / Mortgage Assistance.  As they look at those two topics, they are also responding to a question from a state senator about how the pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated racial and economic inequities and what might be done to address those inequities.

Now they would like to hear from their fellow Oregonians via Oregon's Kitchen Table.  Pull up your seat and share your experiences, ideas, and concerns with the members of the Oregon Citizen Assembly. Please invite your friends and family to fill out the survey, too.

The survey will close on Wednesday August 5th at 12 noon. The following night, Augusut 6, we will share the results with the Citizen Assembly. We will also put results on our website, and we will send you a link to the results.

Your fellow Oregonians thank you!

View results from past consultations.