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Oregon’s Kitchen Table is a way to bring all Oregonians to the table. It is the creation of a group of non-partisan, non-profit community organizations dedicated to helping Oregonians have a voice - to share their ideas, opinions, beliefs, and resources in improving Oregon and our communities. 

Oregon’s Kitchen Table strives to:

  • Create simple, easy-to-use platforms (online and in person) for statewide public engagement
  • Promote in-depth public engagement with the tough trade-offs and challenges decision makers confront in governing our state
  • Provide leaders with high-quality feedback on issues that matter to Oregonians
  • Increase Oregonians’ interest in participating in local, regional, and statewide decision making
  • Empower citizens and decision-makers to communicate and work together in a fact-based, civil, and creative way

Oregon’s Kitchen Table is a program of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University.


  • American Leadership Forum
  • Community Sourced Capitol
  • Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall Inc.
  • Healthy Democracy
  • Kitchen Table Democracy
  • The Luke Center for Catalytic Leadership
  • National Policy Consensus Center
  • Program for Public Consultation
  • Rural Development Initiatives

Founding Advisory Committee

  • Steve Bass
  • Greg Chaimov
  • Adam Davis
  • Verne Duncan
  • Carol Ford
  • David Frohnmayer
  • Susan Hammer
  • Michael Jordan
  • Phil Keisling
  • Steven Kull
  • Tom Kelly
  • Lynn Lundquist
  • Greg Macpherson
  • Ron Saxton
  • Beverly Stein
  • Faye Stewart
  • Carl Talton
  • Linda Tamura
  • Robin Teater
  • Bill Thorndike
  • Larry Wallack
  • Bill Wyatt

Original Funders

  • Circle Foundation
  • Ford Family Foundation
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • Portland State University College of Urban and Public Affairs
  • PSG Foundation
  • The State of Oregon (Department of Administrative Services)

Privacy Policy