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Grant County - John Day Future Vision

A team of community leaders from John Day and throughout Grant County, in partnership with Oregon’s Kitchen Table (OKT), conducted an online consultation in June 2017 to engage residents of, business owners in, and visitors to John Day to weigh in on possible strategies to help make John Day and all of Grant County as economically strong and vibrant as possible. John Day is considering how to create a vision for the future that both supports the traditional economy and creates opportunities for residents to innovate and expand into new economic frontiers. The community leaders working on this project imagine a future in which residents create lasting prosperity for the whole community by both respecting tradition and taking advantage of future opportunities in new and emerging markets.The OKT consultation provided some background on Grant County’s visioning efforts and asked a series of questions about potential projects, a potential vision for John Day, and community values.  A series of demographic questions also informed the team who responded to the survey. 330 participants responded to the survey.


PDF icon Grant Co - John Day Future Vision - Final Report.pdf