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The Results Are In!

It’s been a busy summer over here at the Table (thanks for your patience as you waited to see the results), and we are glad to finally have the results of our first consultation. A few weeks back, thousands of Oregonians participated in a survey about the Governor’s budget including four outcome areas including education, healthy people, the economy and jobs, and healthy environment issues.

We’re going to send the results out in three sections, giving you a chance to digest them and comment.  Check the results for the Education Outcome Area and Justice System sections of the questionnaire. For each question, you’ll see two columns of responses–one for Oregon’s Kitchen Table and one for “Representative Statewide Sample.”  All that means is we ran the consultation twice–once with everyone who took a seat at the table and once with a randomly selected representative sample of Oregonians.  We’re trying to check how well everyone at the table represents the full breadth of Oregonians’ opinions.

Every two weeks, we’ll send you additional results for the First Consultation.  We invite you each time to share your comments by writing to

Along with the next report summarizing the Healthy People Outcome Area and Revenue sections of the questionnaire, you’ll also receive a summary of what your table mates had to say about the previous reported sections.

There is more to follow this summer and fall!  Stay in touch.


Wendy Willis