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Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup

UPDATE: EPA is now accepting the public's comments on the proposed cleanup plan they released in June.  

The public comment period closes midnight September 6, 2016.  You can give your comments to the EPA directly here and review the Proposed Plan here.  You can also view the EPA’s Proposed Plan Fact Sheet here

Portlanders, pull up a chair and share your values and beliefs with the City of Portland about some important decisions coming up for our community about an important part of the Willamette River.

Later this spring, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will release a proposed plan to clean up the Portland Harbor Superfund site in the Willamette River north of downtown Portland.  EPA will accept official comments after the release of that plan. Now, it’s important to the City that it has feedback about Portlanders’ values about the cleanup as the City prepares its comments to EPA. This is our opportunity to share with the City what we value most about the cleanup. 

The City will use your input as it develops the City’s comment to EPA on the proposed cleanup plan. The responses will be compiled by Oregon’s Kitchen Table, ensuring that responses are anonymous, and overall results will be shared with the community in early April. 

Go to to the City of Portland - Community Engagement about Superfund Cleanup and share your thoughts.  

We want to make sure all Portlanders are heard!  And please share with your friends and neighbors. We'll be collecting input March 7 - March 31, 2016 in English, EspañolTiếng ViệtРусский简体中文. and Somali.  


Later this spring, EPA will have its official process for you to give comments about the cleanup plan.  We encourage you to participate. We will send an email reminder to you when the EPA plan is available for your comments.