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Oregonian-to-Oregonian Microlending

We are excited to announce a new development over here at Oregon’s Kitchen Table! In partnership with Oregon Business Council’s Poverty Reduction Task Force, we are working to support Oregonian-to-Oregonian micro-lending. Reducing Oregon’s poverty rate from its current level (16.7 percent) to less than 10 percent is one of the top goals of Oregon Business Council and its allies. Small business in Oregon represent more than 90 percent of all employers and employ over half of the private-sector labor force. By supporting small businesses, we can all pitch in to make our state more prosperous!

As a first step, Oregon’s Kitchen Table has partnered with Community Sourced Capital, a certified B corporation focused on creating stronger communities through micro-lending. Over the next few months, we will highlight Oregon entrepreneurs that are seeking capital to begin or expand their businesses, giving other Oregonians the chance to help make their communities more prosperous.

Right now, there are two great Oregon companies seeking loans to expand their businesses – Genki-Su and TeaScape.