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More Results, Curry County, and a Fundamentally Oregonian Space

So much has happened over here at the Kitchen Table that we haven’t had a chance to catch our breath and catch up with you!

First, we’ve posted the third and final set of results for the pilot consultation.  Check the results for the Economy and Jobs and Healthy Environment Outcome Areas Findings as well as comments from tablemates in response to those results.

Second, a group of dedicated citizens and community leaders have been working closely with Oregon’s Kitchen Table and public opinion researchers to create a consultation that will gather input from Curry County residents about the county services and county funding.  That consultation will go live for Curry County residents next week, so keep watching The Latest to follow our first regional consultation.

And, finally, we hope you got a chance to hear yesterday’s Think Out Loud on Oregon Public Broadcasting on navigating political divisions. We loved hearing the stories from Oregonians about how they have (or don’t have!) discussions about political issues with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors whose political views may differ from theirs.  The discussion touched on how we can create spaces that allow us to come together to actually address issues that impact each of us, despite those political differences. It made me think of how Phil Keisling, the Director of the Center For Public Service at PSU, has described Oregon’s Kitchen Table providing such a space: “The essence of the Kitchen Table project is that it’s neither left-wing, nor right wing. Rather, it’s fundamentally “Oregonian” — a sincere effort to engage as many diverse voices as we have in this state to share their thoughts and opinions on issues important to all of us.”