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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Oregon’s Kitchen Table!

In 2012, we brought you this experiment to set a table for all Oregonians to weigh in on our most urgent public policy issues.  The premise for this experiment? That our elected officials wanted to hear from you and that we have interesting and imaginative things to tell them!  It’s been an exciting year as we’ve all begun using Oregon’s Kitchen Table and exercising our muscles as citizens.

When the experiment first launched, Governor Kitzhaber asked for your input on the state’s budget priorities, and a couple thousand of you took a seat at the Table to do just that. We’d like to close out 2012 and begin 2013 here at Oregon’s Kitchen table with a message from the Governor on that consultation:

“Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts, ideas, and priorities for the future of Oregon through Oregon’s Kitchen Table.  Your input was very valuable to me as I prepared my proposed 2013-15 budget and worked to develop the 10 Year Plan for Oregon.  I look forward to hearing from you again and working with all of you to achieve prosperity for all of Oregon.” – Governor Kitzhaber

You can check out the results of the consultation with Oregon’s Kitchen Table here and view the Governor’s proposed budget here.

Today, there are already 2,073 Oregonians around the Kitchen Table.  We’re up for adding on another leaf or two or three (as many as we need) to make room for more seats and more Oregonians! And we hope you’ll join with us in resolving to continue this experiment that brings us together in making decisions for our state.

We’ll bring you the results from our most recent consultation with Curry County residents in a few weeks, and stay tuned for what’s up next for us all at Oregon’s Kitchen Table.