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A Team (Cross-Regional)

Meet the A Team from the Hatfield Futures Project!


Topher McDonnell, Clatskanie HS, Clatskanie

Lauren Huber, West Salem HS, Salem

Kamden Lafayette, Central Linn HS, Halsey

Grace Peterson, Oregon Charter Academy, Molalla

What do you love about where you live?

  • Topher: I love the community I have within my town and school.
  • Lauren: I love the support of my school and the close-knit community.
  • Kamden: I love the community and how most people know each other.
  • Grace: I love that I'm neighbors with my grandparents! I'm able to spend time with them, and take care of them, and learn a lot from them (like crocheting, bad humor, etc.)

What are you most excited about for your Hatfield Futures proposal? 

Inspire change on a big stage, and to have large scale positive influence.

What is one surprising fact about each of you?

  • Topher: I'm a two time ASB President.
  • Lauren: I have a fraternal twin who is born on Halloween.
  • Kamden: I can speak some Korean.
  • Grace: I can make predictions that are 100% accurate 90% of the time.