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Pendleton Student Team

Meet the Pendleton Team from The Hatfield Futures Project!

We're so excited to have Rylee, Kyah, Summer, Josie, and Mackenzie join us for this year's competition. Stay tuned to meet all of our teams from this year's program. 

Names: Rylee Etchamendy, Kyah Hunter, Summer Wildbill, Josie Nelson, Mackenzie Walker (Pendelton High School)

What do you love about where you live?

It is a rural community, so there’s no traffic. It is a close community, and there is a lot of history from the Pendleton Round-Up.

What are you most excited about for Hatfield Futures?

Being able to have the opportunity to share our voices, and implement change for others in the community and throughout Oregon.

What is one surprising fact about you?

  • Kyah has been to Disneyland five times 
  • Josie has skied in Canada.
  • Rylee has held alligators before.
  • Kenzie has been to Mexico. 
  • Summer is a dual citizen of the Netherlands.