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Oregon's Kitchen Table Team

Meet the Hatfield Futures Project Team from Oregon's Kitchen Table!

Stay tuned over the coming weeks to meet our incredible student teams from all over the state. 

Names: Wendy Willis, Sarah Giles, Jacque Fitzgerald, Meaghan Lingo, Roz Owen

What do you love about where you live?

Wendy: From SE Portland, I can walk to work and have seen sea lions in the Willamette!

Sarah: Woodstock neighborhood in Portland has a community feel, people look out for each other across generations.

Jacque: From SE Portland I can easily be in the woods or by water.

Meaghan: There are so many beautiful amazing parks in NE Portland that I can walk or ride to.

Roz: Lincoln City has a small town feel - neighbors help and look out for each other.

What are you most excited about for Hatfield Futures?

Wendy: I can’t wait to see and hear the ideas from these amazing young people. Lifelong relationships are being made here.

Sarah: Excited about how the students are really coming from all over the state – it exceeded our expectations.

Jacque: I can’t wait to bring students together from different places all over the state.

Meaghan: Meeting all of the students who are so future minded - it’s so inspiring and makes me think about all of the possibilities!

Roz: Seeing how students engage and what great policies emerge.

What is one surprising fact about you?

Wendy: I have a very clean and elegant jump shot. 

Sarah: I’m an Irish citizen.

Jacque: I write and produce music and released by debut album last year.

Meaghan: I’ve never had brain freeze.

Roz: I was offered a ballet scholarship at the University of Utah.