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Oregon's Kitchen Table 2024 Hatfield Futures Team

Meet the Oregon's Kitchen Table Team from the Hatfield Futures Project!

Names: Eliot Feenstra, Sarah Giles, Jacque Fitzgerald, Tiff Ganir, Sarah Giles, Roz Owen, Wendy Willis

What are you most excited about for The Hatfield Futures Project?

  • Sarah: Opportunities to witness the amazing creativity and wisdom from the teams 
  • Tiff: Learning how youth see the problems and solutions in their community - how the Hatfield Futures program can be a space to cultivate fearless empowerment and bold creativity for our current and future leaders!
  • Jacque: Bringing everyone together from all regions of this beautiful state!
  • Eliot: I'm excited about gathering for Camp! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone in person, being in the buzz of imagining what's possible...and sharing food!
  • Wendy: I am so excited for this community to forge stronger and deeper ties as we plant the seeds for a more just and joyful future.
  • Roz: Seeing students engage and come together in finding solutions to today's social, economic and environmental issues.

What is one thing you love about Oregon or about your community in Oregon?

  • Roz: We live in a small coastal town where neighbors care and look out for one another.
  • Sarah: I love the block where my family lives.  Our neighbors look out for each, hold celebrations together, and always find things to laugh about with each other.
  • Tiff: I live in Beaverton, Oregon and what I love about my community is the diversity in my neighborhood. It's reflected in the food options around the block, my neighbors who I see are from different parts of the world, different generations and the spaces that encourage the diversity from the parks and the libraries.
  • Jacque: Natural beauty -- rivers, lakes, ocean, streams, rainfall, and everything those water systems are connected to. 
  • Eliot: I love mountains! From my road I can see the High Siskiyous in northern California. I love watching them gather snow in the winter.
  • Wendy: The McKenzie River, especially around Eagle Rockock.